Gathering for the 47th "Magura" Brigade

GOR has already been tested on the battlefield and has proven its effectiveness during numerous operations.

Units of 47th mechanized brigade are in the hottest areas, this dangerous work needs technical support and we all together can provide it.

Efficiency = speed. GOR will shorten the time between enemy detection and elimination.

Our goal is to collect 5,700,000 UAH To produce 3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and 1 Ground Control Station for the 47th mechanized brigade

We build for the military to find all the enemies.

Join the victory!

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5,700,000 UAH

By means of these UAVs, the fighters of the 47th Mechanized Brigade will make the occupiers 'feel the pain' so that they leave our land more quickly.

Funds are collected for:
  • 3x UAVs Gor
  • 1x Ground Control Station
  • 1x set of spare parts, tools, and accessories
  • 1x 3-week training course for the crew.

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