Born in Ukraine.
Tested on the battlefield.

Since 2020.

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Introducing of GOR

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Ready-made Unmanned Aerial System for reconnaissance and surveillance missions. The UAV is equipped with a EO and IR camera sensor along with encrypted communication tested on the battlefield.

3500 m Flight Height

40 km Tactical Range

2,5 hrs Flight Time

80x Camera Zoom

20 mbps Data Transfer Speed

30 m/s Speed


Modular airframed design

30 sec assembly

6x parts

10 min deployment

See full technical specification >

Catapult Launch and Belly Landing

Fast and reliable launch from the catapult eliminates the human factor and guarantees a successful launch. landing allows you to quickly land the plane and change your position.

Camera with Retract Mechanism

Nextvision Raptor

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Zoom: x40 + x2 digital, (total x80)


WFOV: – 60°

NFOV: 1.5

DFOV: – °0.75°

LWIR uncooled 8-14 nm

Resolution: 1280 x 720

Zoom: x8 digital, continuous zoom

HFOV: 17.5°

W.FOV: 2.2°

Carbon Fiber Frame and Fadding

Carbon frame and carbon cladding work together as a unified structural element. The bottom of the airframe is additionally reinforced with Kevlar. This technique is used in aircraft design to ensure frame integrity.

Protected against any Electronic Warfare (EW)

The positioning system of UAV has auxiliary module which provides coordinates of UAV in GNSS denied environment.

Communication System

UAS consists of two modern data transmission modems that enable the control of UAVs and real-time image transmission. The primary modem is used for video and telemetry transmission. The backup modem is automatically activated in case of jamming of the primary one, allowing the safe leaving of the UAV from the area affected by EW equipment.

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